Make full time Income Without a job! 2018

Want to increase your income?

Want to quit your job and earn the same income?

Keep reading and you'll be able to work for yourself, be your own boss and 

Let me begin by saying that none of these ideas will replace your full time job without spending at least 50% more time on them than your job. Minimum wage will gam at least $700 for a full time adult income Australia Wide. This is meant to increase your income either by 1-10k per year. Thats a house deposit within 3 or more years depending on your town of origin. So not requiring any introduction, lets begin.


No.  4 Cash for cans

Being in NSW theres been a recent release of cash for cans. The idea here is that each can or eligible bottle will get you 10 Cents. Each 10 cans will earn $1 and for 7000 cans you can earn a full time income. the Mathematical equation for this would be

Full time income Multiplied by 10 = No. of cans to make up that income (make this X)

X divided by your working hours now equates to no. of cans per hour

This is not something that you should do full time. for me to make my income each week I would need over 180 cans per hour. That does not mean that you cant make some quick cash. The easiest thing to do would be to hunt through recycle bins from learge unit blocks on bin day and only pick bins full of bottles. keep a plastic lined box in your car and fill it. for every 200 cans and bottles you put in its an hourly wage. I got 500 in less than 30 minutes and made $50! paid for my fuel for the week and almost a case of beer, which I can collect the bottles and make more money!!!


No. 3 Making a blog or online video account

This is a blog, and I have a youtube account linked to this as well. Please keep in mind you need a lot of patience, time, great organisational skills and a great idea! The point here is make an a whatever account, get a schedule, some great ideas and start putting yourself out there, as long as you try you've got nothing to lose.

No. 2 Mystery shopper

If you owned a business would you want honest, concise and informative feedback. Well most companies do, and thats why mystery shopping has made the list. 

Making money by getting paid to buy stuff might sound a bit daft but is acctually very lucrative. you could get paid between $10-$50 to jkust visit a place and give an opinion, just make sure its factual and informative. something required here is the ability to use your words creatively and make sure the reader understands these words and screens some knowledge from them. its not for everyone but some do make a living from them. either by shopping at certain stores or getting shipped to dubai free of charge can land you not only some freebies but also a little extra pay in your pocked. Dont underestimate the ability to earn a little extra cash especially if it will get you some quality free goods or services.

Nop. 1 Become an Uber
Own a car thats less than 10 years old? Dont really go out drinking and dont mind driving for long period of time? Then becoming an Uber driver might be the answer to some monetary questions.

By becoming an Ubder driver you may have to have some randoms sit in your car, make stupid idle chatter or make sure you have a spare charger handy but the extra dough will certainly make up for it.  A Single ride can earn up to $75 here in australia, and thats no sneezing money, the trick is to stay close to hot spots and work within busy non driving hours where people will likely be wanting the use of a Plan B.

Please keep in mind you will need the use of a decent vehivle and be prepared to clean your car out afterwards but the reqards can be plentiful.

Keep in mind you wont make a full time income from these but you can have a bit of fun on your days off from either full time work, studying or whatever else you might be into. The beauty is if you combine these all you can equate to this

$700 Full time income (Minimum)

10 uber rides per week ($35-50)

2000 Cans ($200)

1-2 Mystery shops ($50 or equivalent in product)

Online ad revenue (aim low at first but this is more of an extra)

lets say 400 Uber 200 in cans and 100-200 for the rest and you've almost got yourself a full time income!!!

What other ideas do you have? how are you making money? Comment in the section below!