Top Budget action cameras that still work well 20155

Hi guys

I've been playing around with my extremely budget action camera that gives reasonable performance, frame-rates and features whilst maintaining a reasonable price. Everyone loves the Go Pro and I do as well but not everyone can afford 300-400 for that.

The Qpix FHD Action camera

An excellent choice in terms of video quality, image stabilisation (excellent in this price range) and range of features. You get;
- Wifi
- Fulll HD recording 30 FPS
- Up to 8 megapixel Stills
- google smartphone and Apple smartphone compatability (With app downloaded)
- Waterproof up to 40 metres

Footage taken is really awesome too, here's a HD footage test not full HD but all the same is of the sea floor going deep and it looks great

Keiser Bass x-150

Kogan Action Camera 3+ Silver edition

Copying the GoPro Naming style just a little too much for my liking this is another great choice for those looking to capture quality moments at a reasonable price point, feature point but increasing that quality to something more watchable. Features include

- Up to 60 FPS in FHD
- HDMI/AV out
- Attachable display included on the back
- Laser pointer for accuracy of recording
- Up to 8MP Still images
- Compatible with GoPro Accessories

And finally the Number 1

Sony HDRAS20 FHD Action Camera

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