Jaybird Run Honest review

Jaybird RUN Wireless Earbuds: Actually decent headphones

You may be wondering, why would someone who isnt a big fitness buff buy sports headphones, the answer is security and flexibility. These headphones are incredibly comfortable and work the way I want them to, apart from one outstanding failure.

Keeping it simple they have omitted Google assistant/Siri functionality from the earbuds, a positive omission in my opinion as it would only give you more buttons and more reasons to play with them whilst they are in your ears.
They feel great, the medium design and the inclusion on fins to maintain a secure hold even during intense physical activity kept them in my ears during my morning jogs and even during some wear at work either driving the van or putting stock away.

The Jaybird RUN headphones come with a plethora of ear buds and fins to ensure a clean and comfortable fit, I found the standard medium size fit in my ear perfectly and didn't get ear fatigue when u…

Best Android Custom Launchers 2018

What is a custom Launcher
A launcher is the look and feel of the phone you just bought. Samsung has a very curvy and colourful OS, HTC and Sony go for sharp and sleek! A custom launcher is something anyone can download from the google play store and change the feel of their phone, whether you don't like how yours currently looks or you want to make your phone have a new/ different feel to it. Regardless of the reason here are 5 great launchers to start your 2018!

NOVA Launcher
Look and feel
The nova launcher has an excellent look to it, the basic Nova launcher look and feel is quite android 8 stock-ish but you can quickly change that.

Settings and Customisation
Max Customisation (compared to the others in this list) with control at your fingertips this can be anything you want, you've just got to stick it out and change the right settings for you.

Nova Launcher can work really well under the right conditions, but even with the Samsung S7 Edge once customisation got h…

Make full time Income Without a job! 2018

Want to increase your income?
Want to quit your job and earn the same income?
Keep reading and you'll be able to work for yourself, be your own boss and 

Let me begin by saying that none of these ideas will replace your full time job without spending at least 50% more time on them than your job. Minimum wage will gam at least $700 for a full time adult income Australia Wide. This is meant to increase your income either by 1-10k per year. Thats a house deposit within 3 or more years depending on your town of origin. So not requiring any introduction, lets begin.

No.  4 Cash for cans
Being in NSW theres been a recent release of cash for cans. The idea here is that each can or eligible bottle will get you 10 Cents. Each 10 cans will earn $1 and for 7000 cans you can earn a full time income. the Mathematical equation for this would be
Full time income Multiplied by 10 = No. of cans to make up that income (make this X)
X divided by your working hours now equates to no. of cans per hou…


Hola and welcome!

I have recently discovered a great platform for gamers and that platform is twitch!

feel free to follow me on twitch or just check out the stream from time to time!!


A bit about myself. I like my games, love my nintedo :). I've been into filming what I do and buy and what I think of stuff for 4 years now. The nect logical step was pinning down what I really wanted to get from it and that was the social aspect of anything. Interaction with my audience, contribution to a cummunity followed by the feeling of achievement.
Online gaming through twitch has allowed me to find that in between (minus the loss of sleep) and I;ve managed to setup my home computer to accomplish this.

The Switch to Twitch

Welcome back, I have done some soul searching and looked at my youtube video's from a  distance in order to realize.... I need to go live!!!

I am picking up a few cool games later this year and some nice old ones.

Pokemon go!

Xenoblade chronicles 2 nintendo switch

Goat Simulator

I will be live on twitch and youtube gaming alternating between the two and making sure I want to stream on one or the other.

I want to chat with gamers though. I'll be less about the awesome gameplay and more about the hectic chat!

Make sure to follow like comment chat subscribe and more to twitch and youtube to get the most out of this channel and make sure to stay tuned for more blog posts and more, coming soon!

POKKEN TOURNAMENT Gameplay Nintendo Switch

Welcome back to another sort of walkthrough series. Here, I will make sure Everything is posted that is documented on youtube!

Lets get started!!

Pokken Tournament All Burst Attacks Nintendo Switch

Here we have all the burst attacks from all characters in Pokken Tournament.


Welcome to a new section of the Blog. Here we have a list of the minecraft creations so far. Make sure to keep posted as all new creations will be posted here as well. I came up with the title beefcraft and contemplated starting a new channel devoted to minecraft creations but decided against it.


Like comment and subscribe to the channel if your interested.


Probably the best one so far is the pickle rick!


A duff beer can from the simpsons, could have been more symmetrical but overall came off ok!!


One of the first ideas was doing a minecraft episode in the style of minecraft


The first creation. not done well definitley dont watch I think it only has 1 view at the time of posting this.