Top 5 budget tech gifts Christmas 2015

Looking for that aww inspiring gift that you know someone will love? there are some great budget gifts out there both online and in store. All of these gifts will be under $40 and be an excellent option for that special someone who either likes to tinker with things or playing around with gadgets.

So without further ado, here are the 5 best Christmas presents for 2015 in my opinion

1. Smart Watch ($14.29 AU)

This is the U8 smartphone companion (or the knock-off as I'm told) It can control the music in your phone, give you a step counter, has a calculator, acts as a remote for taking photo's and lets you answer your phone from outside of your pocket! its got a reasonable design and I am awaiting mine in the mail sometime in the next week to test it and give a comprehensive review on it. for under $20 you can hardly go wrong

2. HD Waterproof action camera $34 AU

Don't want to go out of your way to buy a go pro? still probably looking at something too expensive thinking about buying them a sonny action camera? The action camera from Aldi is a lowly $34.95 AU and comes packed with features such as;
- Waterproof housing
- Bike mount
- Generic adapter so you can use any generic accessories
- Built in screen to preview footage, change settings and check your recording angle is good
- up to 60 frames per second in vga
 - up to 30 frames per second in 720p

As a good starting point for anybody looking to explore the world of action cameras this is it, not expensive but has some amazing features for the price, don't expect amazing footage but its enough to be able to relive that moment you were at the beach getting hammered by that huge wave!

3. RC Nano Quad copter $25 AU

So the age of the quad copter is upon us and ever manufacturer worth their weight is manufacturing them. From the size of a small wallet to the enormity of my torso their suckers are plaguing the market. I have found an excellent buy in Kmart for $25 which I have in my possession and am about to put through the ringer and you can pickup a CX10 on eBay from as little as $29. Give your hubby, son, daughter or best friend one of these for Christmas and you'll be running for your life as they thank you by swooping at you repeatedly. A gift to let that special someone either relive their childhood or enhance it.

4. RC Tank $16 AU

I love a good RC tank, and I've managed to find one on ebay for as little as $16! there are some great alternatives though that will set you back as much as $30-$40 AU but the $16 bugger is just as good and especially for the price. Pretend your in the army, setup a moch battle and go to war on your own kitchen bench, zoom around the floor of your living room and watch this guys treads roll over anything up to an inch depending on the incline or even take it outside to your local park and give it a run for its money! whatever you do stay behind the trenches!

5. Hidden Pen Camera $6.95 AU

Watch your beloved become a super spy as they finally figure out how this secret pen camera works. Simple and secretive they can record up to 45 minutes of footage on this device as long as you give them a minimum 2GB Micro SD card. its a bit tricky to get working initially but after you've deciphered the instructions and get the hang of it you'll be James bond in no time. Best of all it actually works as a pen too! but I haven't figured out how to get refills yet.

All of these are great Christmas presents, and even if you purchased them all you'd only be up for about $90 - $100 AU so if you really love that someone special you can get them a special pack of awesomeness! watch them take control of the underwater, the ground and the sky whilst spying on the enemy that is so totally there. This list would make anyone enjoy Christmas day and guaranteed you'll find something on this list to amuse you or that special someone on Christmas day this year. remember to follow, commend and like and check out my YouTube channel for video updates and reviews on all the products you see here as they come one!