Android console setup and configuration [EASY]

I have previously put together a brief introduction to my controllers that can be used for android games. Since then there have been even more gamed which have cropped up, even more controllers (actual good ones) like the phonejoy 2. living in Australia though we pay a premium on anything purchased in US dollars so at the current time I am postponing my purchase and review of the phonejoy 2 but I will definitely be buying one.

More on topic however, a decent setup for gaming using an android as your console. If your happy with just playing on the small screen just buy your controller of choice but otherwise the following setup is excellent.

1} Android devicee

In theory anything will do, minimum specs I'd go with be quad core 1gb ram and 16gb internal storage, without that large internal storage you limit the number of good games you can fit and if you dont get a powerful enough device you cant play some of the really good ones like beatbuddy.
Personally, I'm playing on a galaxy note 4. Built in 32gb storage and all the latest wiz bang internals. All the games that are new releases, high spec and fancy work on this device.

2) Controller

Again personal preference but I would go with something functional, my ipega 9028 has a touch pad and media controls built into it and connects extremely easily. A great option would be the Phonejoy 2 thats been released recently if you've got some extra cash lying around but if not jump on ebay and check out the bargains section!

3) HDMI connection

No, android devices do not have HDMI but most of them will have either Micro/mini HDMI out or allow a micro USB to HDMI adapter to be used. This automatically sets up the device to mirror onto your TV. I know the Samsung galaxy S3 had similar capabilities but I don't know anything before that iteration.

4) Screen

You can use most anything for this part, I use an FHD Computer monitor but thats personal preference. Any TV, computer monitor or screen with HDMI in (couldn't think of anything else to plug into) will work. By connecting the android device to the TV with this cable, having a way to remote control the phone and a controller for when the action gets started you can easily have a console-like experience using your android device (Phone in my case).

Wrap up

its all relative, I've experienced android gaming on a device in the sub $100 category and it wasn't all that bad, if you fall into this category of owner and dont own a console you can still load up some Emulators and action platforms to have some fun with a controller. The best part about these setups is that there are endless combinations from costly to budget.

I will bring out a budget example of what you can accomplish as my next video/blog. Thanks and remember guys like, comment and subscribe!