Best Android Custom Launchers 2018

What is a custom Launcher

A launcher is the look and feel of the phone you just bought. Samsung has a very curvy and colourful OS, HTC and Sony go for sharp and sleek! A custom launcher is something anyone can download from the google play store and change the feel of their phone, whether you don't like how yours currently looks or you want to make your phone have a new/ different feel to it. Regardless of the reason here are 5 great launchers to start your 2018!

NOVA Launcher

Look and feel
The nova launcher has an excellent look to it, the basic Nova launcher look and feel is quite android 8 stock-ish but you can quickly change that.

Settings and Customisation
Max Customisation (compared to the others in this list) with control at your fingertips this can be anything you want, you've just got to stick it out and change the right settings for you.

Nova Launcher can work really well under the right conditions, but even with the Samsung S7 Edge once customisation got high it was stuttering a little. Keep your setting changes simple and you'll get better performance depending on your phone.

iLauncher i11

Look and feel
If it wasn't for the classic Samsung look, the Samsung button and the edge to edge display I would have thought I was looking at an iphone!

Settings and Customisation
Simple but available you can change screen transition, transition speed, wallpaper and more!

not quite an iphone X performance when installed on my Xperia XA but on my S8 and S7 edge it was quite close to what you've come to expect from apple (even though its Samsung?).

No. 3 Microsoft Launcher

Look and feel
Just like the current windows phones they have a great simple look, excellent app drawer organisation and the Microsoft search bar at the top.

Settings and Customisation
Minimal but more so available than the Google Now Launcher.

Leaving this app at stock settings after installation is probably for the best as its fastest when first installed without messing around in settings.

No. 4 The Google Now Launcher

Look and feel
The google now launcher has a very minimalist feel to it

Settings and Customisation
Very minimal customisation settings to change, other than transition effects and the usual wallpapers and adding folders.

I recommend go with basic settings and you'll really feel like you have a zippy quick phone on your hands. I installed this on my Xperia XA and it felt a little faster than a stock Sony experience.

Note 8 Launcher

Look and feel

Settings and Customization
Minimal Customisation on this one as well but it looks and feels like a Samsung note 8 at least.


There are some excellent launchers here and finding just one that will suite the average user will be the funnest part of all! Make sure to try them all if your interested and leave a comment on your fave!

Find the similarity with these launchers? and why these are the best? All there is to it is that each of these launchers provides you the end user with a change that may suit you. Lets say a windows phone. It's fast, looks pretty, has a great interface and is snappy as all hell. Despite that there's not a lot of apps on the marked for a windows phone, that's where android and its endless customisation comes into play. Buying a low end android phone and installing a custom keyboard and launcher to look and feel like a windows phone and still getting those apps and games you want!

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