Octodad The deadliest Catch Walkthrough COMPLETED 100%

Another walkthrough series here already!!

Octodad the Deadlest catch is a physics based game about an octopus that dresses up like a human, gets married, has kids and goes on a wild mini adventure. This walkthrough has been completed just like my other ones and all the links will be found below so feel free to subscribe, comment and like the original source.

Octodad - getting married - Episode 1
Here is the introduction and just like most episode 1's its the introduction to the game, controls and gives the basic jist of how the rest of the game will work.

Octodad - Getting the Chores done - Episode 2
Getting out into the yard, cooking up some burgers, mowing the lawn and surviving the neighbors attack!!

Octodad - Shopping and Bannanas - Episode 3
Going to the shops, getting some groceries and coming into contact with Russia Sushi!!

Octodad - Finding Tommy at the Aqquarium - Episode 4 Part 1/3
The aquarium has been divided into 3 smaller episodes so that viewers can watch whichever parts of it they want. In this episode we tackle the learning of seaweed, the obstacle course and find tommy.

Octodad - Finding Stacy at the aquarium - Episode 4 2/3
Here we fumble our way through the night life section of the aquarium, sneek past some dodgy looking scientists and flip our way up some escalators.

Octodad - Finding Scarlet at the Aquarium - Episode 3/3
Winning prizes in the arcade room at the aquarium and ending with a surprise guest on our date!

Octodad - Boarding the Boat Episode 5
Back in the past when Octodad was just a normal squid and he's boarded a boat accident.

Octodad - Escape the Shark Episode 6
This is simple, Time your trigger finger and run from the shark. I'll be honest, you don't need to watch this. but please do if you want to keep up to date with the story line.

Octodad - Breaking and entering the Cafeteria Episode 7
Excellent disguise episode where you make a mess, break some stuff and find a way past the scientists.

Octodad - Defeat the Russian Episode 8
This is the last episode. Massive excellent battle with the mad russian!!! Is our disguise blown? Watch and find out.