HEARTHSTONE - Knights of the Frozen Throne


Welcome to the How to in defeating the Hearthstone bosses for Knights of the frozen throne. Links to all videos will be embedded and you can always comment like and subscribe to the channel to help the cause.

The Prologue
In the Prologue you are given extremely powerful cards to start with but the standard startup crystals for summon.

Lord marrowgar
The Lord Marowgar Win!! I have a fail uploaded as well but this is te win. Its an upgrade chaman deck that works through basic board control and bolstering the minions on the field. You want to draw weak at the start but work your way up from there. Enjoy!

Deathbringer Saurfang

Epic win on Deathbringer Saurfang, using a basic warriors weapon deck I had to craft a few vital cards for this. It was worth it tho because off the bat you want all cost 1 cards and to start hitting him from turn 1. watch out for those healer minions though because especially late game they need to be dealt with immediately.

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