Microsoft surface book VS microsoft surface 4 Specs and Accessories

Hi Guys

So microsoft have been out in full force lately, trying to force the news of their new surface book and pro 4 spread like wildfire. Doesnt feel like it has at all. asige from that I was already looking at upgrading from my Asus T100A which has served me well all these years and my samsung tab 2 10.1" as well. I m trying to get a device that can be both of these devices at the same time as being able to mimic both a laptop and a tablet perfectly in the process.

So lets start with the Surface Book since thats the newest addition of the Microsoft Family.

Surface book
Price $2299 AU
Core i5
128gb SSD
8gb RAM
13.5" Display

The Surface book unlike the Surface Pro 4 comes with an attachable keyboard and again unlike the touchtype keyboard you can buy separately for the Microsoft surface pro 4, this is a PROPER keyboard!

Starting price is a whopping $2299! thats for only 8 gb of RAM an i5 and 128 gb SSD. Yes you get a convertable but its still very expensive.

Now onto the surface pro 4 i5

Surface pro 4

Price $1349 AU
Core i5
128gb SSD
4gb RAM
128gb SSD
12.3" Display

So the surface pro doesnt come with a keyboard and it only has a single USB, display port, headphone jack out and thats it! you can buy the accessories to adapt out and add the keyboard but now the $1349 that we started out with is getting much more expensive.

Surface pro       $1349
Pro keyboard    $ 199.95
Pro Dock          $ 299.95
Total                 $1848.9

Comparing the 2 devices, we can buy the surface book and essentially pay $450 for a RAM upgrade, a screen upgrade, a keyboard upgrade and have everything neatly built into the one device rather than having to adapt and use a few different adapters and weird keyboards.

So for anybody Looking for a pro 4, the keyboard and a dock, keep in mind the small difference in price once you buy all the accessories you need, unless you specifically want the surface pro 4 for whatever reason.

safe travels and best of luck to those of you in 3 days buying the new surface line!