best 5 games to pick up and play on Microsoft book release day no GPU

Hi Guys

Picked up the entry level I5 8gb RAM and 128gb Harddrive model of the Microsoft Surface Book on release day?

Dont know what game to play? what wont work? what WILL work?

Check out the list here of 5 Excellent games you can play TODAY!

1) Minecraft
Simply the most popular game I think on the market right now, Huge online base, mod maker market, user market and more mods, upgrades and bug fixes in the works by Microsoft. Simple, only $20 and its like lego without limits, check it out!

2) Rocket League
Simply the funniest game I've ever picked up since portal and portal 2, but more action based. Its a fast paced, action sport that is without a doubt hilarious! It may be better suited to the controller but even being restricted to keyboard and mouse should put an excellent, easy to pick up and play game on your surface book library.

3) World of warcraft
Need I say more? you'll be able to play till your hearts content! get in on the action and blast your way through various dungeons and boss raids at a reasonably low detail, shadow and distance setting. Don't expect to play this on max settings with all settings on high but it will still be extremely playable thanks to the discrete GPU.

4) Portal
Ok so this is a classic in this day and age, you'll probably be more likely to pick up league of legends or download a free MMO like maple story to test your mettle at but this game offers great humor, excellent story line and the story line backed by amazingly funny commentary will keep you playing for hours. Play with headphones, I promise it will be a much better experience.

5) Eurotruck Simulator 2
Not the game for everybody, not the game for most people even. But this is the only way you can legally drink and drive. Your job is to haul cargo, make deliveries and slowly build your empire along the way by making money. Its simple, I love it and find it a blast! You should try out the free demo on steam!


For all you on the go with your surface book who want to play in offline mode can but rocketleague will only work for certain game features as its primarily an online game.