Alternative to the Surface book that will cost you less

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I've been looking at buying the Surface book or Surface pro 4 lately. The specs are so standard in my eyes I decided to look at the competition, current competitors on the market and compare them to the surface book. These option are going to sacrifice battery life (Thats a guarantee) but the specs are extremely competitive with the surface book. So here are my 5 alternatives and why.

1) Lenovo yoga 3 14"/yoga 500 - $1199/$1299AU

Core I5
4GB ram
360 digree hinge function for tablet function
14" HD antiglare display
integrated HD graphics

Both of these models are included as the one first alternative as they are so similar its ridiculous. The only reason you go the Yoga 500 is the newest gen processor (Gen 6) or if you go the Yoga 3 14" you get a 128 gb SSD.

Specs they lose a little bit of ram but you can upgrade that for under $50, still keeping these guys $900 cheaper than the surface book, and $200-300 cheaper than a Surface pro 4 with all the add-on's.
These guys let down the comparison with the screen, they are standard HD screens which are matt finish and have shocking viewing angles when put next to the Surface book or pro 4. Spec wise though, if all your use is going to be indoors, these are a much better value option.

2) Toshiba Radius 14" 2 in 1 notebook $1798

Core i7
8gb RAM
360 digree hinge function for tablet function
14" HD antiglare display
integrated HD graphics

A premium build, Core i7 and 256GB SSD! This is an awesome bargain for under 2k!

Unfortunately the battery life is lacking, 3-4 hours at best, and the screen is unusable outdoors. But once again if your in it for indoor usage this is a definite competitor.

3) Asus T300 CHI 12" notebook $1198

Intel core M
8gb RAM
detachable screen for tablet function
12" WQHD Display
Integrated graphics

So probably the weakest processor on this list it has a decent cache at 4mb and up to 2.9ghz of power. this isnt a beast but it makes up for it with that screen, QHD and easily visible outdoors plus you an detach that keyboard and have just the tablet.

This one has some minor faults just like the rest on this list, but one slightly different, the performance could be much better, its basically a scaled up atom CPU. And the battery life, still better than anything else on this list at just under 6 hours but still for the loss of performance we would hope for better. Otherwise if your going for outdoor use and a lot of videos this one would take the cake.

4) HP Spectre 13" 360  $ 2196

Core i7
360 digree hinge function for tablet function
13.3" FHD Display
Integrated Graphics

So we're almost there with this one, excellent screen quality and viewing angles, great performance and memory coming from the Core i7 and 256gb SSD AND the model in comparison has 8gb ram as well, so no upgrades are necessary. You don't event have to worry about battery life with this one, being as much as 12 hours of video playback. The only downside of this model is the 360 degree hinge. Other than that, great battery life, excellent performance, tons of storage, this is only $200 cheaper BUT has better specs!

5) HP Spectre X2 12" 2-in-1 $1898

Core M
256gb SSD
8gb RAM
separate Keyboard dock and screen stand system
12" HD screen
Integrated graphics

Being the last on this list and closer to a microsoft surface pro, Up to 10 hours battery life, Great internal storage, 8GB RAM and feels like a dream to hold in your hand the onyly thing letting this one down is the Core M for performance. Viewing angles are great, outdoor use is comparable. The kickstand is a weird design also, I dont know whether to love or hate it because I'm so use to the surface pro and the HP's stand on this tab just isn't as premium or sturdy feeling.

A true list of competitors, everyone out there will have different opinions and views, you might even have your own suggestions! my picks from this list have to be the Asus Chi T300 for price and screen and the Yoga 3 14" for the specs.

Whatever your choice is,whether it be to go the alternative to stick with the surface book if that's your volition then so be it! if anyone out there wants to suggest a better alternative PLEASE DO! I know a lot of people want one that's for sure!

Thanks for reading!!


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