Android Console and gaming products [UPDATED]

I must be living under a rock or just logged in at the right time because when I did my weekly android console search look at what I found, The Razer Serval

Android controllers are in abundance and in my opinion, you've got a bunch of no-name ones on ebay, the Phonejoy 2, Ipega have multiple controllers under their game, Moga controllers, mad catz gamepad, amazon  fire game controller and the steelseries stratus. But its good to see a major gaming manufacturer getting in on the action! This proves that android gaming console style is on the up-and-up! which is good news for people who dont want a bulky console in their room taking up space and want to either have a flexible multimedia box or use their phone when they feel like it.

The Razer forge TV is whats peaked my attention, which drew me into the Razer Serval. An android Tv box with a quad core processor that can connect up to 4 controllers and act as a living room gaming console.

The Nvidia Shield micro console comes next and this is the real gem, capable of playing Crysis 3, borderlands the pre-sequel and Doom 3 natively! This is a huge step for android console gaming and only $199 US ($277 AU) That would be the cheapest console, even beating the like of the WIIU.
Its obvious that the world of the Android gamer is going to open up really soon, we've already got some awesome titles up our sleeves now which are almost the same experience as on a console so its just a matter of time. Stay tuned for more updates, great games and apps and hopefully a new video sometime soon! 

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