Gamers best Alternative to Console and PC

Today there are many options for gaming, you can buy a handheld console, gaming on a steam machine is coming very soon, buy a retro console or setup an old pc with an emulator and a controller even. I went to Big W about 3 years ago and purchased me an old school Sega games machine (a re-release but with the games built in rather than accepting the cartridges) for $50 and had a blast with it.

But aside from those options what can you hope to play on a console like system with a controller with current players and content. Android/IOS have the answers, MOGA and HID gaming controllers, by hooking up your android or IOS device to a TV and buying a controller ranging from $20 to $100 on ebay you can enjoy a console like experience without any effort or without the extreme expense of a $500+ system.

I have 2 controllers I'm Testing

First is the Moga Power Pro

Charges phone whilst playing
supports MOGA enhanced games
almost identical feeling to xbox controllers

some moga enhanced games are removing support

Very sleek and easy to use controller, works from across the living room and has plenty of charge to keep you going for hours on end. Unlike an actual 360 controller theres no option for removable batteries and whilst this has improved performance compared to the original Moga Pro, I personally liked the removable batteries since when you run out of charge put those batteries on charge and swap out, keep playing with very little interruption.
Games I've played with this controller are;

Second is the Ipega 9028

Built in touchpad and media controls
cheap with a decent build

fewer supported games
LR 1 buttons on bottom of controller (you can buy a normal looking ipega without this issue for much the same price on ebay)
No built in phone charger

Theres really only one issue I mainly found with the Ipega an its specifically with the 9028, the shoulder keys are on the bottom of the unit.

this means you have to move fingers you normally wouldnt in order to make specific actions work. The other issue, which is a bit more major than the initial issue is that there are fewer games supporting the Ipega 9028 than other iterations of the controller.

Other than these once you get past, forget and move on you get to delve into the gaming. Playing Modern combat 5, magic rampage and asphalt 8 were a dream to play with a controller. This controller was much easier to install and I found lots of great games to play with it using an app called Gamepad Games they've got a huge list of games for support for various controllers including moga, ipega, HID, ps3 and xbox 360 controllers.

Overall both of these are great controllers, my preference lies with the moga but thats only based on button configuration, if I had the Ipega 9025 I would be all for it, easier to connect via bluetooth, lighter and faster to charge.

So these are the controllers I'm using and my opinion on them, I'll be bringing a list of games I recommend for these controllers later this week. Remember to comment and let me know what your using, what games you recommend and why, thanks!